Warehousing services

Warehouse terminal "Novotrans" produces all types of warehouse operations and cargo handling and he is located in Kashira district in the southern part of Moscow region.

Warehouse terminal "Novotrans"

The distance to MKAD is 118 km away. The terminal warehouse complex has departures on the Federal highway M4 "Don", M6 "Caspian".

In stock – our own rolling stock, railroad tracks with access to public roads (station Necklace). The complex was built in 2013.

The terminal accepts and sends cars to any station in Russia and the CIS.

Reception of wagons

  • reception of covered wagons
  • execution of all necessary documents

Dispatch of wagons

  • consolidation of goods at the warehouse terminal (recalculation, weighing, etc.)
  • adjustment of the loading scheme
  • loading cargo into the car in the presence of the customer's representative
  • fastening and unloading of cargoes
  • car sealing
  • execution of railway documents
  • payment of all payments required to send a car
  • cargo tracking all the way
  • cargo insurance
  • delivery of goods by road
  • customer forwarding
  • additional special cargo insurance
  • customs clearance of products

Additional services

  • open space rental
  • guarded territory, cleaning, lighting
  • assistance in receiving and shipping products (loader, cars)
  • full-fledged responsible storage in an open area
  • safe custody
  • acceptance and recounting of commodity
  • weighing (if necessary)
  • rejection, palletization
  • pallet packing in stretch membrane
  • storage location
  • completion of orders for shipment
  • labeling with stickers
  • shipment of products
  • cross-docking
  • transportation documents crediting
  • provision of customs clearance services
  • unloading of cars (in the presence of a representative of the customer)
  • simultaneous service of up to 3 cars
  • short-term or long-term storage of goods at the warehouse terminal
  • providing personal managers and product pickers
  • insurance of commodity stocks against all types of risks
  • inventory inventory
  • keeping records of commodity in real time
  • full liability for products