The repair company "Novotrans" was created in December 2015 with the aim of optimising the management of car-repair enterprises and the organization of works on carrying out qualitative and operative repairs. The company provides a full complex of services in maintenance of freight cars, providing operators of rail freight is technically serviceable rolling stock.


  • Providing services for repair of freight cars to owners of rolling stock.
  • Maintenance of the car-repair complex "Novotrans" at a level that ensures its pricing and technological competitiveness.
  • Maintaining the condition of rolling stock "Novotrans" for an efficient and smooth process of cargo transportation.

Repair company "Novotrans"

Repair company "Novotrans" — a large holding, composed of 4 high-tech enterprises, located in different regions of the country:

  • Car-repair plant "Novotrans";
  • Kuzbass car-repair plant "Novotrans";
  • Biysk car-repair plant "Novotrans";
  • Kashira car repair plant "Novotrans";

Advantages of "Novotrans" car-repair enterprises:

  • providing full documentary information about the services provided;
  • detailed, uneven accounting of spare parts and materials;
  • certified repair manufactory;
  • open pricing policy;
  • direct supplies of spare parts for the repair of wagons from manufacturers;
  • accredited testing laboratories for non-destructive testing;
  • production of high-quality repairs in the shortest possible time;
  • the technology of repair works is approved by the railway administration, meets the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation;
  • flexible pricing;
  • trained, qualified personnel;
  • warranty for repairs;
  • high-tech equipment and equipment;

The company is distinguished by a high level of service and flexible pricing policy. Strict adherence to repair technology at all stages of work execution meets the highest quality standards.

Delivery of spare parts directly from manufacturers allows to keep the cost of final products below the market and exclude the possibility of using counterfeit parts.

Carriage-repair depots of Novotrans are located at the intersection of the main tracks of the railways - in the regions of mass loading and unloading of various types of cargoes, they produce high-quality capital, depot and current repairs of all types of railway freight cars on the basis of modern workshops and sections equipped with the most advanced equipment.

The structure of the depot includes car-wagon workshops, which perform major repairs of wheel sets.

The mechanism of corporate management of enterprises is constantly being improved. The production capacities are updated and modernized in accordance with the trends in the car building market and the requirements for new wagons.

Attentive attitude to the needs of customers, a high indicator of trouble-free operation and an interest in strengthening business ties ensure mutually beneficial cooperation on a long-term basis with the widest range of rolling stock owners.